Doggiemon is more than just a brand, its a movement.

All of our products are hand made with love and dedication. You are now, a part of the DOGIEMON Family, that spreads love, joy and transformation in the world.


I can honestly say that Doggiemon is a Super Brand with high quality products that always gives priority to satisfy us, the customers and our dog's needs.

Patricia S.

Doggiemon is my favourite pet store, they just have awesome apparel and the best service, always willing to offer assistance or help.

Danny K.

As a vet student I was suspicious about their product and thought it would be useless when my husband order it, but then we tried it and I was grateful that he actually bought it for such a great price and most important  was that our dog loved it.

Tracy N.

I just love  the water bottle, it helps my dog hydrate while walking in the park. It is  portable and easy to carry, so I always keep it in my bag.

Hannah C.

A friend of mine recommended me this store, cause I needed proven dog products for my Dog Shelter , I asked them wholesale offer for good affordable price, and Doggiemon helped us with donating all the needed inventory and pet products without asking anything for return. Thank you Doggiemon.

Edward B.

I bought few products for my dog Rob but the Paw Cleaner and the Water Bottle really blow my mind. They are really high value products that would be of great help for every dog owner.

Eduardo R.