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Easy Ways To Keep Your Dog Hydrated On Your Outdoor Adventures

Easy Ways To Keep Your Dog Hydrated On Your Outdoor Adventures

The summer is the best time of the year for your furry friend. Our dogs just love the longer daylight hours, the longer walks and the release of endorphins that comes naturally with more time spent outside in the sun. 

But during the summer months, it’s especially important that we take care of our pet’s hydration. Keeping your dog hydrated is critical if you want to ensure he is healthy and happy.

Unfortunately, dogs can't take care for them self and know what’s best for them. It’s up to you as a dog owner to ensure that their basic needs are taken care of. Just because your dog is dehydrated, doesn’t necessarily mean it will recognize the dehydration signs and will drink the amount of water it needs. 

Dehydration in dogs occurs when their bodies lose more water than they are ingesting in. All animals rely on water to keep their bodies functioning properly, and  our pet dogs are no exception at all. 


Here are some tips to keep your dog well hydrated while taking walks:

  • Walk your dog outdoor early in the morning or in evening to avoid the most intense heat of the day.  
  • Be sure to take along water and a water bowl ( our PAWS WATER BOTTLE keeps your dog hydrated while on-the-go. The portable water bottle dispenses the perfect amount of water into the attached mini bowl. Let your dog drink and then press the button to suck back the unfinished water. It's perfect for walks, hikes, camping, and everyday use) wherever you go. Don’t rely on natural water sources being available.
  • Allow for plenty of rest and water breaks during play and outdoor activity. Your dog may not know his limits and will continue to waste his energy long after it lose his remaining body fluids.
  • Provide water access frequently. When out in the heat, be sure to provide a shade and water pause at least once every 20 minutes.

As much as we love to bring our furry friends with us everywhere we go, especially in the hot summer months, it's a better idea to leave your dog at home.



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  • I always carry my dog’s portable water bottle when I take a walk, and always make sure he is cool and hydrated

    Cole Stevenson
  • This was really helpful and educative info

    Danny M.

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