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Why you should adopt a rescue dog

Why you should adopt a rescue dog

Finding yourself in the position to finally adopt a furry friend is always an exciting time - but have you ever considered adopting a rescue dog, instead of buying one 'new'?

The best answer we can give to Why Rescue? is simple: You’ll save a dog’s life. There are so many healthy, lovable dogs scheduled for euthanasia in shelters right now that it just doesn’t make sense to pay a breeder for an animal. Rescue dogs are intelligent, emotional beings who deserve a chance at a long, happy life, and the rewards you get from rescuing are far greater than buying a dog.

There are so many advantages to adopting a rescue dog, and this is why many people prefer adopting unwanted dogs rather than buying new puppies.

  • Training

    Most rescue dogs have already been taught basic obedience and are working on being housebroken. Will you still have to committ time to training? Of course, just like you would with any dog. But you will be one step ahead if you decide to rescue.

  • Temperament & Behavior Testing

    There’s a big misconception that all rescue dogs are problem dogs, but it’s just not true. So many of the dogs that have been rescued and adopted have been ideal companion animals; they all just need a little time to feel safe, secure, and loved before they come out of their shell.

  • Bonding

    Most rescue dogs have had a rough start. Because of this, they truly blossom into loving, confident companions in the right environment. When treated kindly, rescue dogs will form a lifelong bond with you and be forever grateful for their new happy life.

  • What You See is What You Get

    Because most rescue dogs have reached adulthood, you won’t get any size, weight, or color suprises when you rescue. This is great for people who live in an apartment or who have a specific lifestyle that calls for a specific size of dog.

  • That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

    It’s worth mentioning twice. The personal rewards you’ll get from deciding to rescue are large. Knowing that you helped save just one of the many wonderful dogs who would have otherwise been euthanized gives you that warm fuzzy feeling that you want to share with others. And we certainly encourage you to do so! Help spread the word about the many advantages of rescuing a companion animal.
    There are thousands of dogs sitting in shelters in your area right now, and the sad truth is that most will be euthanized. What a waste to allow dogs to be brought into the world only to see their lives cut short after enduring an often abusive existence. 

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