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Dog Toothbrush Toy
Dog Toothbrush Toy
Dog Toothbrush Toy

Dog Toothbrush Toy

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Does your dog have a terrible breath or a sore tooth? Research suggests that 84% of dogs by the age of three suffer from oral disease. The lack of proper dental hygiene will make your lovely pets suffer a lot! It is time to make some changes for your pet!. The Dog Toothbrush Toy is made of natural rubber which makes it safe and sturdy. The lengthy design enables your dog to chew and clean its own teeth. Convenient and effective! With this toothbrush, you won't have to fret about getting your “stubborn” dog to open its mouth! It will definitely love this meat-flavored chew toothbrush!

- EFFECTIVELY CLEAN DOGS TEETH: This bite toothbrush has two-sided bristle line grooves that can clean off the tartar and anything stuck on teeth. Also, the toothpaste reservoir promises an enhanced cleaning effect!

- GREAT ATTRACTION FOR DOGS: Can you imagine a dog resisting a stick with meat-flavor? Not to say the stick is chewy! This time you don’t need to worry about how to open its mouth. They will do it willingly.

- CLEAN TEETH ON ITS OWN: The stabilizing paw pad and stick toothbrush design enable your dog to clean teeth on its own; whenever it wants, even when you are not available! Extremely suitable for busy pet owners!

- SAFE NATURAL RUBBER: The stick is made of non-toxic rubber and does no harm to pets’ health. Its large stretch ratio and high resilience enable your dog to completely enjoy its tooth cleaning moments!

Our Toothbrush Toy encourages dogs with play and fun to clean their teeth every day without any effort by its owner. It is designed to clean teeth on both sides, and it is angled to fit comfortably in your dog's mouth. The only thing you must do is fill the toothbrush with dog toothpaste and let your dog play!

Gingivitis is the most common disease among dogs, and it leads to painful inflammation, bad breath, and can lead to other life-threatening diseases. Don't wait until your dog has oral health problems when they can be easily prevented.

Common teeth toys promise that they clean your dog's teeth effectively, but the truth is most can not even remove plaque.
Wouldn't it be great if your dog could brush their own teeth every day?
With our easy to use Toothbrush Toy, now he can!

*Note: If your dog needs some time in order to get used to the toothbrush, you can add some peanut butter on the bristles for 1-2 days. Once they get used to the Toothbrush, you can switch to pet toothpaste.

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